Paragraph on Motivation

You must have noticed that some of your friends work hard to get c grades in the examination, while others who are equally intelligent take it easy, and set their priorities on things other than academic pursuits. Everybody behavior is driven and pulled towards a goal, but the goals is different for different individuals. Why do people behave as they do? The answer lies in the concept of motivation. Motivation focuses on the 'why' aspect of behavior It directs individual's behavior towards a goal. The motives within us to reach a target lead us to act in a specific way. Even when we are motivated to reach a target, our behavior depends to a large extent on how we feel at a given moment. The world looks beautiful when we are in a good mood, and very unappealing when we are in a bad mood. Though we are rational beings and would like to satisfy our motives in an intelligent way, our daily life encounter are full with feelings of pleasure and disgust. When the feelings become inter and prolonged, they take the shape of emotions. We are basically emotional beings. Our emotions have the power to motivate our behaviors. Be motivation and emotion explaining a variety of activities that we pursue vigorously. This chapter will help you understand the nature of motivation and emotion.