Paragraph on a bad workman blames his tools

A bad workman will never find a good tool. Even If a bad workman is given good tools he will not be able to make use of them because he lacks the basic skills and is inefficient. The sad part is that he is never prepared to accept his own deficiency in training, drawbacks and blemishes. He invariably attributes the poor workmanship to the tools. Like a bad workman who always quarrels with his tools, many a man thinks that he is better than others or knows more than others. While he easily identifies the weaknesses or shortcomings of others, he conveniently remains blind or is oblivious of his own shortcomings. Like a bad workman who puts the blame on the machines or tools, he holds others responsible for anything that goes wrong. Whole a senior officer holds his junior responsible for the mistakes committed though he is equally responsible, a typist mostly shifts the blame to the typewriter even though it is he who commits the mistakes due to either lack of skill or concentration. Similarly, a student who is not prepared for the examination tries to get away saying that the paper was tough.