345 words Paragraph on India of My Dreams

Economic inequalities or poverty that is the root cause of several social tensions and breakdown of law and order is a thing of the past with no one being forced to suffer the pangs of hunger; every citizen is a literate adopting the norms of a small family as a way of life and contributing to the zero-growth of population; all the people lead a healthy life with epidemics being confined to the pages of history and diseases resulting from under nutrition driven out of the country; food production is enough to take care of the needs of the country’s population and is exported to other countries where food production is not adequate to feed the people; the rural areas compete with urban areas in development and reduce the migration of rural poor from the villages to the cities; there is no shortage of electricity and other energy sources to keep the wheels of progress and development going; all the people have their own homes and do not feel insecure in rented houses; child labour is eliminated with all the children attending schools and enjoying the joy of childhood; the workers are not exploited by unscrupulous managements and are paid fair wages; legal cases are disposed off quickly and justice is speeded up; our industries compete with the multination’s and give them a run for their money in the other countries; infrastructure is adequately developed to facilitate more investments in industries; domestic satellite television channels are attractive enough to wean the people away from the foreign television channels; pollution is effectively checked with industries switching over to clean or environmental-friendly technologies and vehicles checking their emissions; computers play a complementary role in common man’s daily activities by being an integral part of all the homes; sportsmen excel in all the international sports meets and games; religion enforces discip0line and promotes communal harmony; we become a superpower and a member of the Security Council and are not browbeaten by any other superpower with threats of economic sanctions; and the citizens really feel proud of being Indian.