Brief note on six major types of enzymes



There are six major types of enzymes.


(1) 1st major class-oxidoreductase:

These include those enzymes which catalyse oxidation reduction reactions, between two reactants (substrates)

S1 + S2 ------> <-------S1 + S2

(Reduced) (Oxidised) (Oxidised) (Reduced)

Here one substrate is electron donor and other is electron receptor.

(2) 2nd major class: Transferase:

This class of enzyme catalyses the reaction which involve group transfer reactions.

S1g + S2 à S1 + S2g (-g à group)

(3) Hydrolyses (rd major group):

This group of enzymes brings about hydrolysis reactions with braking of bonds.

(4) Lyases (Desmolages):

There are those enzymes which catalyze the removal of group from substrates by mechanisms other than hydrolysis leaving the double bond.

(5) Isomerase:

These groups of enzymes act an inter-conversion of one optical of geometric or positional isomer to other.

(6) Lagases (Synthetase):

These enzymes catalyse the reaction in which two compounds linked with breaking of phosphate bond in ATP of any similar compound providing energy.