Essay - Where there is a Will there is a Way



There is nothing impossible in this world; it is only want of determination that brings about failures. With a strong will one can do wonders. The power of human will is ex­traordinary. At first sight many tasks may appear impos­sible of accomplishment and many are frightened away. Only a few have the necessary strength of will to pursue their goal; only they know what it is to struggle towards their ideal.

Occasionally, even very small things like getting up early in the morning, studying for a specified number of hours, keeping to time, writing prompt letters, call for determina­tion and strength of will. Most of us are often tempted to postpone too many things and the result is that we com­plain we do not have time to do them. In most cases, this is just an excuse.

Many of us are also discouraged by apparent failures. We know the story of Bruce and the spider but we do not have the patience to wait for final results. Quick, if not immediate result, is what we want.

Failure is a stepping stone to success but we wish to keep to success avoiding the steps. There is no short cut to success and the earlier we realise this, the better it is for us. Great achievements in various fields have been possible because of men who did not mind initial failures. The pioneers who wanted to fly got their limbs broken in their attempts to fly; but this did not prevent their trying again. The result is today we have su­personic planes which can take us from one continent to another in a matter of hours.

Many of us know how to swim or to ride a bicycle. When we took the first plunge, may be we did not like the feel of the cold water; the first fall from the bicycle may have caused bruises. But we did not allow these to stop us from trying again. Probably we failed the second time too; but very soon we mastered the technique and today we do not have any regrets for persisting in our attempts.

Impossible is a world to be found in. the dictionary of fools - is what Napoleon, the Great, is reported to have declared. It is good to remember this whenever we feel like giving up.

All of us possess the will-power. Only some of us use it. The others do not use it and put the blame for their lures on others. This is what we should never do. If we wish to realize our ambition, it is not enough to have one; we should always strive towards it unmindful of the inevi­table failures on the way. Where there is a will, there is a way.