Here is your brief note on Large Scale Industries

In India, industries with a fixed asset of more than one hundred million rupees are called large scale industries. These could be manufacturing units or others which use both indigenous and imported technologies. They cater to both the local and foreign markets. Examples of large scale industries include fertilizer, cement, natural gas, coal, metal extraction, metal processing, petroleum, natural gas, mining, electrical, petrochemical, food processing units, tourism, banking, sugar, construction, automobile, communication equipment, cement, chemicals, earth movers, consumer durables (like television, refrigerators, etc), engineering products, vehicle assembly, beverages, gas and water; other fuels, agricultural processing, insurance and finance. With the opening up of the market and globalization, the effects on such industries has been mixed, some have gained by attracting foreign customers, foreign trade and technology, tie-ups, while others have lost out due to their inability to cope up with the open market competition.