Make hay while the sun shines

Every work has to be done at the right moment suited to it. Hay is sun-dried for stacking for provision in winter. This cannot be done when the sun has set or in the rainy season when the sky is overcast. If you want to flatten a hard red of iron, the best course is to put it in the fire and strike with the hammer that piece of iron when it is quite hot. That makes the task easy and the process of flattening smooth. The proverb thus means that the correct time and opportunity for performing and completing a piece of work should have to be seized, not let slip carelessly. The seller should try to sell his articles when its demand is quite high. The rower should sail his boat up the stream when the flood tide is on. At other times, it will be very difficult to perform the same work with all your toil. A boy who has whiled away the seedtime of his life – his childhood, will find it an uphill and very strenuous task to educate himself when he is an adult or grown-up man. So take time by the forelock and act, act in the living present.