Essay on Rome was not built in a day

All great things have been built up through years of preparation and hard work. What is now the great city of Rome was in the long past a marshy tract of land. Two brothers, Remulus and Remus, laid there the foundation of a city. Then grew up Rome, not overnight by the magic of Aladdin’s wonder lamp, but by steady and strenuous efforts. Step by step the city was built up and once became the capital and nerve-centre of the great Roman Empire where to all roads of Europe once led. Similarly, nothing great can be achieved all at once or overnight. Behind a great discovery there were years of devotion and patient work of the scientist. Simply by one jump, however high, you cannot reach the top of the Everest. Indeed, with proper patience and perseverance a mountain can be scaled. Lives of great men show that they attained greatness by the hard way of determined efforts.