What do you mean by Viruses (Pathogenic)?



HIV (Human Immune Deficiency Virus):

It is the retrovirus, cause deficiency in immune system, swelling in lymphatic ganglions, loss of weight, impairment of memory and speech are the symptoms. (AIDS)

Varicella (Herpes virus):

Rashes on body with fever (Chicken pox).

Orthomyxo virus (Paramyxo virus):

Causes sneezing, chest pain, cough, high fever and muscle pain (Influenza).

Paromyxo virus (Measles):

Whist grey spots in mouth and palate, dark brown rashes on the body, fever etc.

Rabdo virus:

Cause Rabies, Caused due to bite of dog.

Entero virus (Poliomyelitis):

Atrophy of muscles and paralysis.

Toga virus (Rabella German measles):

Rashes on the body, deafness, cataract and mental retardation.