Sample letter to a newspaper editor about environment pollution




The Editor

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Earth is perhaps the only planet in this vast universe, which is inhabited by life forms living in supporting environment. A thin cover of water and air known as the biosphere encasing earth sustains life. The absence of biosphere would make earth a lifeless planet like many others in the universe.

We have made the ecology suffer by the thoughtlessness of our actions. We have polluted the encasing of earth, namely the water and air, far beyond its capacity to cleanse itself. Urgent measures are needed to check further degradation of the environment or a day will come when the environment around us would collapse to make survival a near impossibility. Nature has already started warning us in the form of unexpected disasters and diseases. It will take a foolish person to ignore these warnings. The motto of the day is to improve or ecology or perish in the absence of it.

Thanking your

Yours sincerely,