Write a brief note on the meaning and importance of Desert Plantation Surface

In the desert regions, both tropical and temperate, both high interment basins and low open deserts the intense process of erosion as well as deposition or deflation cause the leveling of the ground. On the mountain, ward margins there may be pediments. Then there may be rock plains like those of Sahara. There may be thick pile of sand with dunes or without dunes as in the Indian deserts.

In the centre of the desert, basins there may be playas in the process of filling. As a whole there is a dominance of the process of planation by desquamation and erosion of the bedrocks, transport of enormous waste from the surrounding hills or uplands as if in a shallow reservoir in the process of quick silting. The wind makes its own contribution to leveling by shedding its load in depressions and on lower ground and demolishing the higher piles of sand. Thus, the process of 'planation' continues and expands with time and such features as bajadas, pediments, hamada, erg, reg, etc. are formed.