Here’s a Quick Way to improve your sales personality



Sales personality is something which is rarely given with. That is, all salesmen are not salesmen. Hence, only alternative is to develop it. This tends to support the idea "salesman neither born nor made." But "salesman are born and made." To be very precise "salesmen made, rarely born." What should be the personality of a good salesman is already narrator terms of physical, psychological, social and character traits and each chunk or component is made up of. It is almost in impasse to find a person who is a unique blend of all the above ;d 24 qualities which are tested, tried and proven. Salesman is not a standardises product like in a factory to conform to the quality control limits. Thus, proper attempt and sincere practice will clear the way towards developing a sound personality. It is purely an individual statement depending on what he has and what he needs to make him a balanced person enjoying above average sales personality.

Modern psychologists are of the strong opinion that a person is more mounded by his environment than heredity. According to them, it is possible even after personality by effective training. According to some, proper environment and training can materially raise ones IQ. Any young person aspiring for sales career can succeed because every essential to selling success can be acquired, assuring some minimal physical and mental properties at his disposal.

First, coming to physical qualities, good deal of improvement is possible in maintaining sound health, posture, appearance and voice. It is constant exercise and practice and periodic medical checkup that helps.

Secondly, in case of psychological qualities, mostly they are to be possessed to a certain extent on which improvement can be brought about. A minimum of gift by nature will give scope for harnessing them for sharpened results. The key lies in his knowledge and experience. In absence of expense, it is the training and the exposure that play a dominant constructive role.

Thirdly, turning to social traits these can be learnt by facing new situations, people, ideas, things, experience and challenges.

Fourthly, coming to character qualities, it can be said that these qualities can not be developed from zero or base level these must be in the blood of a salesman which can be refreshed and further polished as needed.

From the above discussion, it is amply clear that any person can not be a good salesman. He should have certain minimum physical and mental and even social and character qualities. A person with normal health above average intelligence, extroversy, determination, imagination, tact, courage, industry and integrity - is quite capable of turning to be a successful salesman through suitable and sufficient exposure and training. In short, just as a glace piece of purest form can not be turned into a diamond, any Tom Dick and Harry can not be salesman par excellence. Promising salesman are like rough diamonds unpolished and in original rough shape who can be washed, polished, shaped to emit the light of a true diamond. A successful salesman is equal to what a person has and what he should have additional.