Who Else Wants to learn the character Qualities of good Salesman ?



Character or moral qualities are as important as physical and psychological. In fact, these are more important than those of physical, mental and social traits. Here, one is reminded d the statement of our Father of the Nation, namely, Mahatma M.K. Gandhi - "If wealth is load nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost and if character is lost everything is lost." In any society, moral values have their own standings. The personality of a salesman is incomplete without moral or character qualities. Gold and copper as metals can hardly be compared a terms of price . However, gold shines much brighter and gets harder if copper is mixed with gold in a definite proportion. Salesman should be a man of character or moralities. These characters qualities take possessed by a salesman are multiple maturity, colossus courage simmering inherits, daring determination, inkling integrity lasting loyalty and impinging industry

1. Maturity:

Maturity of mind is the state of balance reached by social adjustable independent and confident attitude. Maturity forces the salesman to think before he takes any action and once decision is taken, he is prepared for any result-come what may. A matured salesman is not moved by the praises or abuses for,he accepts both gracefully. He recognize his responsibilities and is readily willing to assume them. Discretion is another fact of maturity and known how calmly to face. Unpleasant an unwanted defeat or insult or any thing that lea him down.

2. Courage:

Courage is a moral strength. It is otherwise known as 'guts'. It is natural that difficulties arise, mistakes are committed, promises are falsified, fact less things are con them and sail resulting into an unpleasant atmosphere. The greater tranquility or tranquilizes is the courage. Daring is the willingness to undertake ventures and fortitude speaks of one firm mind. Courage is a great tonic in generating persistency, frankness, forcefulness, tenacity and firmness. With this, he can swim against the current and swim in deep water.

3. Sincerity:

Genuine sincerity is a valuable asset art it operates to attract new prospect and to maintain the present clientele. Simmering sincerity develops dependability. Dependable and, hence, sincere salesman attempts to present his ideas, products, company and him self wit meaningful insight and connection. He is a temperate or moderate that helps him to recognize his duty towards his company, customers, co-salesmen, superiors and junks.

4. Determination:

Determination is the work to start and go ahead. A successful salesman who is determined is firm on starting and moving ahead. Patience and perseverance are this ingredients of determination that make him to stick to the task or one which is pronounced. Hi has continuous or ceaseless efforts or present his ideas, products, serious, until the prospect gives the green signal in the form of an order. He has whole hearted efforts as he plans 3 advance and makes the events to happen than waiting for the event or events to happen. He endowed with our indomitable determination to succeed if he is to surmount all this disappointments and frustrations that fall initially on his shoulder.

5. Integrity:

Integrity is the moral soundness. It is a comprehensive term that has this finest shades of meaning. It connotes that of honesty and trust in others. That is an integrate salesman is such that his talks, gestures, promises, behaviour cause trusted, respected an honoured. Honesty is the counter-part of integrity that is something of the far being caught. The honesty to be possessed by the salesman is not 'judicial' honesty but 'commercial' honest] Commercial honesty is far from pure truth. He is to be honest to the extent. He is to be hone He is to be to the point.

6. Loyalty:

Loyalty is another moral trait that rank a top. It is the desire or willing to obey, cooperate and work as per the rules and regulations. It is a fear for respectable a disciplined working. Loyalty to employer fellow worker and consumers that is needed. Loyal thev to the employer is to work initiating the framework of his job honest and disciplined, not to leak out any secrets of business house to competitors for personal gains. Loyalty to peers is new accounts and steaming the existing ones.