10 most important duties of a good salesman



Duties of Salesman:

1. Calling on Customers:

The foremost duty of every salesman, in general, is to call on a customer or customers existing. Calling on customer means keeping regular touch with existing customers which is also called as keeping accounts alive. These calls are made either at the office of the customer or house of a customer or any other suitable place agreed by them. It is not only calling on all the existing customers in a given area or which is called as a sales territory. It also means opening new accounts or creating new customers which is an art of converting suspect into prospect and prospect into a customer.

2. Maintenance and Extension of Sales Territory:

A sales territory is a geographical sea consisting of number of prospects and customers and suspects too. A salesman is to work even sales territory where he keeps the existing customers and accounts, creates new accounts by or new customers who are prospects by his art of persuasion and converting suspects to prospects clearing all fears and doubts and then converting that prospect into a customer in a territory. A territory may be a city, area, taluka area, district area, or a division area or even a state. He m «c move from city to district and district to division and state. He is the person who represents his manufacturer, or a wholesaler or even a retailer. That is, sales are increased.

3. Increasing Sales Line:

A company is not generally dealing in a single product, has a product line and product range. It is the duty of the salesman to bring it to the notice of customers, retailers and wholesalers of the manufacturing company's product line or li and product range. This results in well assimilated diversified sales mix which broadens sales ability, stability. It is because, the overall performance and profits are increased.

4. Image Building:

The greatest thing in business is credibility, status, the image of sales organisation. Sales has the crucial role of building the image or status or good will of company. It is done by building the company's product image, service image, managerial philosophy management objectives and policies. He is to establish that how his company is different from others and why it is worth appreciating as the best of all others in the line, area. He is to sell company's vision, goals, objectives, policies, strategies that go in keeping them satisfied and delighted so that they demonstrate others that it is worth to do business with this organization than others:

5. Developing Product Knowledge:

It is the world of keen competition and speed. The science and technology are able to bring new ideas, new products, new processes, new services at much cheaper cost, of superior quality and in larger quantity. The release of these products and services and ideas are not reaching the people who are not covered by information communication network. They do not know about new products and services, their uses change their life styles. It is the sales force which can bring these products and services to people. In each call they make, present them and speak of their superiority and benefits convenience and solace these products and services could bring them within a price range

6. Dealer Counseling:

The sales people are working for manufacturers, wholesaler and retailers as the dealers play a big role in successful distribution of goods and services. There is need for heavy and effective doses of promotional activities. In addition to advertisement and publicity and public relations, there are specific areas of promotion namely POP-point of purchase promotion these relate to window display, counter display, showrooms and show c and participation in exhibitions and fairs. Special skills are involved in having a integrated communication package that brings the far flying customers and the dealers. These specie guide in planning campaign at different levels to position the products and services. Many times, good products have failed because of bad presentation and promotion and in some c even average products succeeded very well with a matching promotional efforts. These salespeople are good campaign counselors.

7. A Good Feedback to the Producers:

Sales people are key people who collect detailed frank, factual information of their needs, expectations of a product or a service in case of existing products and services and the products and services they expect from the producers. Salesman are the spokesmen of the consumer the king-and king pin of any economy. These producers produce products which are wanted by the consumers who decide quality standards, price range quantity needed. Other associated factors with products and services. This information vital that all most all decisions are based on this by the producers, wholesalers, and retailers. That is, salesmen back from the horses month and pass it on to the producers. It is no' but a primary survey-a major step in research where it covers, consumers, dealers, pro price, place, promotion to make the dreams of producers to come true and the resources of the community to be based in the best way. It helps in preparing a dependable data base v is continuously up dated.

8. They are the Best Trainers:

Every year so many young guys join sales line to make their career in various positions. At the same time, the aged and willing sales people who made their career-retire. As salesmen in the field of selling, they have a big role to pay. is, they train new hands on the job to learn the tricks of the trade. Act as role mode successful sales-people. They share there to tell coach, teach the aspirants who want to not only fit and fine but want make better performers. This is, the greatest task they do by building successful sales force and teams for bringing every success to the organisation on one hand and individuals-their progress and property.

9. Collection of Dues and Credit Information:

Collection of dues is the most delineate and arduous task that challenges his brain and tolerance. These are the days of credit and since credit has become the breath of modern business one can not think of surveying without credit. Credit sues are like "hot-ghee" neither one can keep in mouth nor spit. That is, the point lies in collecting lie dues yet keeping the customer. It is a great balancing act. Salesman can not compel the person to pay but he has to develop the ability to impel the customer to pay. It is because, if he loses one customer by enforcing his right to collect, there is danger of losing other good customers. A disturbed customer can spoil the name of salesman and the selling house.

Another thing is to know the credit worthiness of prospects who are willing to have business relation credit rating is done on certain 'C's namely, character, capacity and conditions. That is, desman is to know about all these —C's of a prospect before accepting him as a customer.

10. Participating in Sales Meetings:

Salesman, as a bridge between the outside world mi the organization, is to participate actively in the sales-meetings that are held in the sales Department from time to time. Meeting provides a forum for exchange of ideas, techniques, Methods, tricks that enhance the company sales, his knowledge about various dimensions of his sales career. Attending the meetings will result in updating his knowledge making fit and fine se handle with confidence any situation he comes across in his field of sales. He has plus point of developing his capacity to organize his line of activities as route-sheets, time-table is to sales journey. To that effect, he develops a systematic and scientific tools, attitude, philosophy in improving his sales efforts for the benefit of himself and the company at the same time. Thus, meeting is a melting point for overall refinement of his career.