5 most important qualities of a Staple Salesmen



Who is a Stale Salesman?

Staple salesmen are those who are employes in selling staple goods. 'Staple' goods are nose which are needed by consumers for regular consumption and the demand for these goods is steady and inelastic, presence low margin of profits and keen competition. The examples of these kinds are daily provisions, say food items, grocery, stationery, millinery, item, kitchen, bathroom, garden and pet requirements, ready clothes, casual foot wears and so on.

Outstanding attributes of a Staple Salesman:

The outstanding features of staple salesmen are that he specializes in selling staple goods, dealing in limited lines, not very aggressive as these goods are known to the customers and are sold in bulk at definite intervals. He builds goodwill. He sells the name and not the goods and thereby creates sales, He is a great persuader as his profits are dependent on his increased sales on regular basis.

Essential Qualities of a Staple Salesman:

The success in this line of staple goods depends on certain qualities which are outlined as under:

1. Vigilance:

A staple salesman is quite vigilant so that he is to the forefront to the earliest opportunity to increase the sales volume from his firm. It is possible when he clearly and quickly understands the requirements of customers that he comes across; when he is capable of introducing new products in the range of or regular consumption.

2. Multiple Relations:

A salesman, to succeed in this staple line, should have the knack of cultivating friendship with customers and knack of retaining the confidence of the relationship is established. Cultivating relation is once thing but maintaining and multiplying them is another. It is the pleasant manners and approach that go a long way in this direction

3. Promptness:

He should be able to meet his customers promptly and dispose their cases expeditiously. It is efficient and effectual service rendered to the class of customers that calls the tendency of customers going to the competitor. It would be a plus point in his favour. It retains and extends business volume for his firm.

4. Minimum Training:

The quota of training needed for a staple salesman is quite limited unlike that of a specialty salesman. He needs no expertise of high order. This work does not warrant any extra-ordinary effort. He is to have the minimum of knowledge and expertise in the range of goods be deals in. For him, extra knowledge is a personal asset and disinvestment for the firm.

5. Non-interfering:

He should be the person quiet in nature always ready to help the customers in meeting their needs. He is to answer the questions, clear the doubts, give the necessary information only when asked. He is to be to the point; he cuts to the core. A salesman who is brief and witty is more acceptable and appreciated.