What are the measures to be taken for survival and growth of Small Scale Industries ?



Small-scale industries are occupying a very important place in the industrial structure of Indian economy. Therefore, appropriate steps should be taken to remove all those problems the industries suffer for their survival and growth. The environment in which the industry operate must be conducive for the development of industries.

Following remedial measures are suggested for their sustainable growth.

1. The government should conduct detailed surveys of the existing small industries and draws up productive programmes for them.

2. The government should make necessary arrangement for imparting proper education and training to workers engaged in small-scale units.

3. The government should make provision for making available of proper quality mn8 and sufficient quantity of raw material at reasonable rates.

4. It is necessary to further liberalise the rules and practices of banking and other financial institutions supplying credit to small-scale industries so that they can arrange adequate credit required for the purpose.

5. The government should take adequate measures for the development of infrastructure in terms of roads, electricity, drainage and water supply particularly in the unorganized sector where the small industries are poorly served.

6. The government should establish effective marketing organisations to remove the comparative disadvantages vis-à-vis large-scale units in the field of marketing.

7. The small-scale industries should conduct research on the techniques of production and thus tries to improve the technique of production and adopt modern and sophisticated technology in their units.

8. The entrepreneurs should see that the quality and standard of their output produced be maintained at par with similar product of large units.

9. The government should take measures in lowering the rates of duty and provide export incentives to small entrepreneurs.

10. Thus, if all these steps are taken in proper time and spirit, small-scale industries will come out 'successful and continue their stay in the economy.