What are the types of Small Scale Industries found in India?



All types of small-scale industries found in India whether in manufacturing sector or service sector are divided into five types:

1. Manufacturing Industries:

Those units which are producing complete articles for direct consumption and also for processing industries are called as manufacturing industries. For example : Powerlooms, engineering industries, coin industries, khadi industries, food processing industries etc.

2. Ancillary Industries:

The industries which are producing parts and components and rendering services to large industries are called as ancillary industries.

3. Service Industries:

Service industries are those which are covering light repair shops necessary to maintain mechanical equipments. These industries are essentially machine- based.

4. Feeder Industries:

Feeder industries are those which are specialising in certain types of products and services, e.g. casting, electro-plating, welding, etc.

5. Mining or Quarries.