Write a brief note about systematic position, habit, habitat of cockroach



Systematic Position:

Phylum – Arthropoda - Because of having chitinous exoskeleton with jointed appendages.

Class – Insecta - because of having 3 pairs of legs.

Sub-class - Pterygota- because of having wings.

Genus – Periplaneta - presence of wings in both sexes.

Species – Americana- Light colour and large body size.


The word ‘Cockroach is derived from the Spanish word ‘Cucarachia’. The common Indian species of cockroach are Periplaneta Americana and Blatta orientalis. Periplaneta Americana is a native of tropical America.

Now it has become cosmopolitan insect. About 1600 species of cockroach are known from all over the world. It is usually found at place this where there is warmth and food i.e kitchens, hotels, bakeries, war those gouse, grocer shop, fruit stall, ship etc.


Cockroach is nocti\urnal i.e comes out to feed at night. It remains concealed in crevices and under various objects during the day time. It is omnivorous in diet. It takes all tyupes of animal and vegetable foods.

The cockroach has a double mode of locomotion –running (cursorial) and flying. the cockroach is unisexual- the male and female are distinguished externally(sexual dimorphism). The cockroach is oviparous.

Fertilization is internal. The eggs are laid in the egg case or ootheca. The egg inside ootheca develops into a wingless young cockroach or nymph. The nymph changes slowly (gradually metamorphosis) to form an adult cockroach.