What is the difference between Heartwood and Sapwood ?




1. Heartwood is produced after of a few years of secondary growth.

2. Most of the heartwood nears the center of the axis forms a dark coloured region is called heartwood or duramen.

3. Heartwood is formed due to accumulation of organis compounds, such as oils gums, and resins, etc.

4. The Heartwood is dark coloured and non-functional. The major function of this wood is mechanical support.

5. Amount of heartwood increases as the tree grows older.


1. This is also produced due to secondary growth.

2. There is a small outer region, however, remains light coloured is known as sapwood or alburamen.

3. Sapwood is lighter coloured and it is the outer region of the secondary xylem. It is formed due to the cambial activity of the secondary xylem.

4. The cells of the sapwood are functionally active. So it helps in conduction of water.

5. The amount of sapwood, however, remains almost constant.