A Visit to a Museum essay for kids



A museum is a place where one can see rare things collected and kept for show. They have great historical and cultural value. There is a museum in almost every city. The London Museum is said to be the best in the world.

What are the things kept in a museum ? Historical old sculptures, old utensils, old coins, old paintings, musical instruments, dresses, weapons of the past armies, swords of kings, jewels worn by queens, pottery used by nobles etc.

The museum also contains skeletons of animals of the past which lived on this earth, like the skeleton of dinosaurs. All pieces of archeological interest find a place in the museum. Old manuscripts and ancient household articles also have a place here. The Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad is the best known museum in India. Though it is a one man's collection, it is well kept and additions are being made by the government off and on. A visitor to Hyderabad cannot miss this museum. It takes a whole day to go round all the rooms of the museum.

A visitor can see and educate himself about the articles he sees, as details are given in print under each article. There are interesting sections in the museum. The children's section is separate, where toys and other articles of amusement are kept. Those sections which attract are (1) coins section, (2) painting sections which have pictures of different types of Indian Art, (3) weapons of war used by kings of middle ages, the swords of combat, the iron shields, the dresses (4) the kings and queens wear, (5) ornaments section where one can see diamonds, rubies, pearls etc., and (6) sculptures section which contains a life-size statue of he veiled lady Mona Lisa is a feast to the eye. A visit to a museum is education in respect of many subjects.

A look at the remains of pottery of Harappa and Mohanjodara gives one an idea of the Indus Valley Civilization. A look at the weapons of war, paintings of art, and robes, give the visitor an idea of life in the middle ages. The old manuscripts contain lots of information on medicine, astronomy and astrology. The zoological section helps one to understand the process of evolution. Articles of other countries teach the oneness of human race. A knowledge of the past helps one to mould one's future and to make use of his present fruitfully.