What are the auxiliary functions of an office?



The functions of an office are broadly classified into two categories like primary functions and subsidiary or auxiliary functions. The auxiliary functions of an office are:

(a) Office is responsible for safeguarding of all assets, documents and title deed of the organisation.

(b) Office makes careful purchasing and proper storage of stationeries and supplies. A great deal of care is taken at the time of purchase, storage and issue of stationery because if no due care is given, it will cause a substantial loss to the firm.

(c) Office acts as a public relation officer and as such cordial relation with outsiders and general public is maintained through reception and liaison services. Office keeps management informed about the changing public opinion and communicates properly the policies and aims of the organisation.

(d) Office makes proper selection and purchase of office machines, equipment and furniture. The office ensures proper and fullest utilisation of machines and equipments purchased for the organisation.