Complete information on the lifestyle of people living on the plateau of India



The main rivers flowing through the plateaus are Narmada, Mahanadi, Krishna and Tapi. The Southern Plateaus are actually a group of three plateaus. The Malwa Plateau is the part lying to the north of the Narmada. It is flat with rich black soil. Then there is the Chota Nagpur Plateau which has many mineral deposits like mica, manganese and iron ore. The last in the group is the Deccan Plateau. The soil here is uneven and not very deep.

Climate in the Plateaus:

The summer is hot and dry in these regions. Hot winds and dust storms are common in May and June. In the monsoons, rainfall along the Eastern and Western Ghats is heavy. The rest of the area receives moderate rainfall. In most parts of southern India, the winter season is short and mild. People need to wear only light woolen clothes during this season.

Lifestyle of people living on the plateau:

Wheat, jowar, millets and cotton are grown in the black fertile soil of the Malwa Plateau and parts of the Chota Nagpur Plateau. The two basically include the states of Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh.

There are many industries and mines also in the area. Tribals also live here. They enjoy hunting, singing and dancing.

Maharashtra along with parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh falls in the Deccan Plateau region. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people though there are; numerous industries and mines in the area too. The crops grown and occupations of people of these states are given below:


Rice, groundnut, cotton, sugarcane, jowar, vegetables, fruits, etc.


Ragi, maize, rice, sunflower, spices and coffee. Teak, rosewood and sandalwood trees are also grown in the state. Products made from these are sold all over the world.

Andhra Pradesh:

Maize, rice, tobacco, chilies, groundnut, ragi, etc. Handicrafts of this state are unique and beautiful. Many industries and mines also help people to earn a livelihood.

Clothes people wear:

In Maharashtra, women wear a nine-yard saree and men wear dhoti and kurta. Women in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh wear sarees or half sarees (long skirt, blouse with a chunni). The men wear lungi and shirts.