What are the steps we can take for prevention and control of Noise pollution ?



Follow the below given steps for controlling and preventing noise pollution.

  • Control of Noise pollution at Source
  • Noise producing industries, railway stations, aerodrome, etc. should be located far away from the residential areas.
  • We should play various music systems such as stereos, television, etc. at low volume.
  • We should not use loud speakers during night. Even during time they should be used at low volumes.
  • Various machines should be well maintained so that they produce less sound.
  • It is observed that certain persons blow horns of their vehicles unnecessarily, or remove silencers of the exhaust pipes of vehicles. Such practices produce lot of noise and should be avoided.
  • Laws should be framed so that the persons producing unnecessary noise are punished.

Control of Noise Pollution by obstructing the path of Noise

  • By constructing soundproof buildings, the menace of sound pollution can be minimized.
  • Plants also help in controlling noise pollution because they absorb high frequency sound waves. Thus, planting trees along the roads help in controlling noise pollution.