What is the effect of over Exploitation and Industrialization?



Due to large increase in hum population and due to technological revolution the various natural resources are being consumed at a very rapid rate. This overexploitation of natural resources is disturbing the environment in many ways. Due to industrial revolution, demand for various raw materials, such as ores, has increased many times. As a result mining, activities increased about ten-fold and the natural resources quantity of metals consumed during the entire history of mankind. If we keep on consuming meals at such a speed, we would be left with no significant deposits of ores for the future.

Industrial revolution has also increased the demand for energy. In order to satisfy the increased food requirements, fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and natural gas are being consumed at a very fast rate. The overexploitation of fossil fuels is not only depending important natural resources but is also causing pollution. Industrial evolution has also resulted in the depletion of ozone layer and deforestation.

Large increase in population has also led to overexploitation of natural resources. In order to fulfill the food requirements of large population, more and more land has been brought under cultivation and more irrigation facilities are created through construction of dams. Construction of dams disturbs the environment in many ways as will be discussed later. In order to increase the yield of crops, fertilizers and pesticides are used extensively. These chemicals enter the food chain and create imbalances in the environment.

Some of the adverse effect of over-exploitation of natural resources and industrial revolution are:

  1. It has led to the large-scale consumption of fossil fuels.
  2. It has led to large-scale mining of ores.
  3. It has led to pollution of air, water and soil.
  4. It has led to depletion of ozone layer.
  5. It has led to bio-concentration of harmful chemicals in the bodies of living organisms.
  6. It has led to large-scale deforestation.
  7. It has led to construction of many large dams in order to get hydro-power.