What are the precautions you must be take while using LPG cylinder ?



The following precautions must be taken while using LPG cylinder:

1. Before igniting the gas, we should make sure that there is no foul smell of the leaking gas. If there is foul smell of gas, then the doors and windows should be opened at once to allow the gas to escape. The gas cylinder, rubber tubing and gas stove should then be properly checked to detect the cause of gas leakage. Preferably a mechanic should be called to set right the defect. The gas should be used only after the defect has been rectified. Never use a leaking gas cylinder.

2. We should not use any open flames like a kerosene stove or electric heater near the gas cylinder.

3. The rubber pipe connecting the gas cylinder to gas stove should be checked regularly for any wear and tear.

4. The gas cylinder should be handled with care to avoid any damage to the cylinder valve.

5. Close the cylinder value when the gas stove is not in use.

6. While lighting the gas stove, first open the cylinder (regulator) valve and then turn the knob of the gas stove.