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Dear brother,

You will be glad to know that Praveen and I are back from the trekking expedition to Kohlahoi Glacier, Kashmir. I am sure that but for your patronage. I would have been deprived of a rare experience of my life. I am giving an account of my experiences of this expedition in this letter.

We reached Pahalgam during the day. The journey gave us an immense joy. The next day, we packed our lunch and took the west fork of the Lidder. The trail follows the road almost the whole day to spectacular Aru. We left the main trail and make a detour for a kilometer or two above the open meadow for the campsite.

The next day we followed the main trail above the village. The trail has pint forests for 2 or 3 km. it is also muddy. It follows the Lidder River until it reaches a point opposite Ledderwat. At this point a sturdy bridge crosses it. The scenery is both enchanting and captivating. The pine forests and snow-covered peaks made the scene very enchanting. We stayed at eh government Rest House. We could not see black bears at that time, though they are common in April and May.

From Lidderwat we reached Satlanjan, the largest Gujar village and stayed there. We enjoyed our stay in this village. The sweet made here were really tasty. The next day we took the trail to the Kohlahoi Glacier, 6 km. the trail becomes very arduous as it nears the Glacier. What a superb scene it was when we reached there! The ice-cold lake water looked clean. Kohlahoi looms above the upper valley. It was a scene worth seeing.

We reached back to Lidderwat and reached Pahalgam. Our experience of trekking was really exciting. Whenever we felt bored, Mohan regaled us with songs and Mukesh with parodies. Our PT teacher took care of all like a father.

My regards to dear mother and father and love to little Monto.

Your loving brother