Write a short biography of your classmate



Imagine that it is 20 years from now. One of your class-mates has become a famous sport star. You have been asked to write his/her biography

Sample biography

Nitin Ghosh was born in poverty. He was born on September 1, 1978. He was the third son of the eight children. His father was a worker in a Mill. Nitin was a gifted child. Playing cricket in the evening he had acquired some skill. The great cricketer Rashisd saw him playing the game one day. Impressed by Nitin’s playing, he met the Manager of the Board of Cricket Control. Nitin was admitted to a sports school at Poona. Kulanand, the coach saw in him great qualities. He trained him with all the attention.

Soon, the rigorous training of Kulanand bore fruits. Nitin was included in Indian Cricket Team visiting England in 1997. He took the maximum wickets in Test Matches there. He scored a century each in three one-days. In all, he took 16 wickets and was declared the Man of the Match.

In 2000, Nitin was made the Vice Captain of the Team. When Captain Shamsher Singh could not participate in the World Cup, Nitin was entrusted with this responsibility. By dint of sheer hard work and dedication, Nitin brought glory to the country by winning the World Cup.