Write a short paragraph on generation gap

We have received two letters from a father and a son. The father is disturbed because of his son’s obsession with western music, his wearing ultra-mod dresses and eating ‘junk-food’. The son does not like his father’s calling the music ‘jarring’ one and resents when the latter ‘advises’ him. This is a case of generation gap. We feel the father should restrain himself as his over-enthusiasm might lead to unthinkable consequences. His son’s case is not peculiar one but it qualifies for some introspection. The father must devise ways and means to inculcate in his son a liking for Indian music. We would advise that he should get the version of the ‘junk food’ prepared frequently at home and ask his son to eat that with him too. Career-oriented deliberations would surely boost his son’s inspirations. He may talk of great men in between as examples. We are sure this obsession and intoxication would soon wear off on its own.

The son must also think that no father in the world thinks badly of his children. A father puffs with pride when his son’s ascends the ladder of career. His father’s concern, we feel, is not baseless but shows his excessive love for him. This can be moderated if the son relents in his ‘over-obsession’. After all, what makes a man, rather a young man, smart and modern is not wearing faded jeans, gaudy T-shirts or eating hot stuff. A sober dress has its own appeal. Decorating the walls with full blown posters is not inspirational. It only mars the aesthetic beauty of plain colors. He really ought to give up western music. But he should try to look for its sweetness and tranquility in Indian music too. We advise both of them not to embitter the sweet relations by superficial things. The relation is permanent, not these which are the product of time.