Explain the process of excretion in plants ?



Plants have no special organs for removal of wastes. The waste products of respiration and photosynthesis are used as raw materials for each other. Oxygen gas produced as a by-product of photosynthesis is used up during respiration and carbon dioxide produced during respiration is used up during photosynthesis.

Excretion is carried out in the plants in the following ways:

1. The gaseous wastes, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapour are removed through stomata of leaves and lenticels of stems.

2. Some waste products collect in the leaves and bark of trees. When the leaves and bark are shed, the wastes are eliminated.

3. Some waste products are rendered harmless and then stored in the plant body as solid bodies. Raphides, tannins, resins, gum, rubber and essential oils are some such wastes.