Write a short note on Prevention of Water Pollution



Abundant, clean water is necessary for good health. Water pollution is a community problem. It is necessary not to let the industrial waste to find its way to natural waters (rivers, canals and seas) without proper treatment.

There should not be any accumulation of garbage and excreta near a river or any source of water. This is to avoid any chance of the garbage flowing into the river during the rains. Dead bodies of humans and animals should not be thrown into the rivers. Bathing and washing near the river should be avoided.

The water of rivers and lakes should be purified from time to time. Such a project should be undertaken by the industries and the government. The Ganga Purification Project is one of the projects undertaken by the Indian Government for the purification of the river Ganga. Also an attempt should be made to use those chemical fertilizers and pesticides that will decay on their own or get decomposed compounds. Substances that decay naturally are called biodegradable. A biodegradable compound can be broken down by bacterial action. Soap is a biodegradable compound.

Pollution of existing water sources cause acute water shortage. We must protect our natural sources of water. We must find more efficient ways of producing fresh water from sea-water.